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Yoga is not for me.

Yoga is for everyone a Manduka Ambassador sharing

Yoga is for everyone. Even those who think they are not flexible.

Flexibility is not a word in my vocabulary.

Never has been.

I can remember sitting on my dock putting on my wakeboard being heckled by a friend. I was all of 19. Home from a year of playing college hockey. And probably in good shape.

And I couldn’t touch my toes. Not even close.

Maybe it was the years of hockey. Or wakeboarding. Or maybe just maybe, genetically I am not flexible.


About five years ago, yoga entered into my world. I have begin to learn a lot about my body. And how to give it what it needs, when it needs it. I’ve woken up some mornings. Hobbling and limping. But made my way to my mat.

Nights when I can’t sleep. Yoga.

Honestly, it has been the best remedy. Ever. And not just for my body. But mind too.

Yoga is For Everyone

Starting on February 1st, with the support of my friends at Manduka Yoga. I will be doing a Yoga is for everyone union. Not challenge. As the goal is to get anyone and everyone to try yoga.

We invite you to take to your mat or towel or floor. And try a few poses. They will be for beginners and experienced practitioners. We will use blocks and straps to modify the poses to help receive the maximum benefits. It will span over ten days and cover 10 different poses.

Lucky Winner

On February 11th we will randomly pick a winner. To receive a yoga package called “the beginners kit” from Manduka. It includes two blocks, a strap and a mat. The perfect package to get started with your yoga practice or expand it.

The rules. Be open with yourself and the journey. Follow Manduka Yoga on Instagram and use #yogaisforeveryone.

Please feel free to message me for any questions. Thank you for your support. I look forward to seeing your posts.



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