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This is Why I Paddle. The Escape From Coffin Island

SUP race in Ponce, Puerto Rico

A downwind SUP race in Ponce, Puerto Rico. With over 80 paddlers on the water and a fun day at the beach.

A Not So Typical Start.

The rhythmic sounds of puerto rican music fills the air. Accompanied by 40 people singing along. Resembling more of a night club dance party. Than the start to a stand up paddleboard race.

A 60 foot boat. One similar to that used on whale watch excursions or for deep sea fishing. Loaded with stand up paddleboards. And the people to paddle them.

Paddlers of all ages. Ability levels. On board. We head 8 miles out. The laughs. Smiles all along for the ride. We were about to set out on the best downwinder I have ever experienced.

Escape from Coffin Island.

The start to Escape from Coffin Island

A unique way to get to the start line. A 60′ Cruiser. 40 paddlers. And their boards.

Starting line

Coffin Island. The start of a downwind race in Ponce Puerto Rico

As we arrived at the Island. We unloaded from the boat. Boards and people one by one. And not on a dock or beach. But straight into the water. A leap of faith. Into the crystal clear Caribbean waters.

We all made our way towards the beach. Looking over the conditions. Swapping stories. We lined up. It was the moment we all were anxiously awaiting. It was race time.

Before we knew it we were heading downwind. Surfing from wave to wave. Hoots and hollers filled the air. As we had perfect downwind conditions.

As we made our way towards the finish line. Bright colors lined the shore. And the sounds of cheers. The announcer. And music filled the air. The crowd encouraged us in. And greeted us with high fives. Landing on the beach. It was time to celebrate.

The Beach Vibe

Tents. Flags. Fans and competitors. All enjoying the Escape from Coffin Island. Photo by Inches Sur Photography

The Beach Party.

Beach Party at the Escape from Coffin Island

The Escape from Coffin Island. It is a stand up paddleboard race. But also a fun day at the beach. Photo by Inches Sur Photography

The shoreline was lined with tents. Meandering down the beach like the cars in rush hour traffic. Each tent had their own theme. But all with the an open door policy.

As we walked by everyone said hello. Handed out hugs and congratulations. Checking in to see if we head everything we need.

The day went on and so did the post race festivities. The awards. Raffle. And the music. When it was time for everyone to receive the accolades of the day. The party paused. The tents emptied. And everyone gathered around the stage.

The cheers. High Fives. Hugs. And celebrations all returned. For everyone called up on stage. Kids. Ladies and the guys. Everyone getting equal love from the crowd.

After the awards the party continued on. Into the early evening. The event. An all day family affair.

Post race fun

Family. Friends. They all gather after the race. Post race from at the Escape from Coffin Island. Photo by Inches Sur Photography

This is Why I Paddle.

The team behind escape from Coffin Island

The Race Directors and Announcers for the Escape from Coffin Island. Photo take by Inches Sur Photography

Thank you to the organizers of the Escape from Coffin Island for hosting us. To the Lexus SUP Team for showing us amazing hospitality, treating us like family. And The SUP Shack for the friendship and support.

It is hard to describe a community. We all have our own ideas and thoughts. But when we are welcomed with open arms. Treated like family. By total strangers.

That is community. One that I am honored to have spent time with. And beyond grateful for.

And why I love being involved in stand up paddleboarding.

The kids are a big part of the race

The groms. Paddle. And take in the day. Another reason why this race is a great one. Photo by Inches Sur Photography



5 thoughts on “This is Why I Paddle. The Escape From Coffin Island

  1. Juangui Cabrera

    That is the spirit that we all should follow and promote , is just one big ocean with different senaries.

  2. Jan Porrata Pou

    Bro!, more than honored to have Bill & You on our campsite! It was a Blast!! Se you all at Rincon for the Beach Boy.


    1. Jeramie Vaine Post author

      Thank you Jan! Bill and I are still talking about the fun we had this past weekend. We can not wait until the Beach Boy. Thank you all again for everything!

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