Happy Yogis


The freedom to float.

Pincha Mayurasana
Moving on the water. It is where I feel free.

In poses. And in the practice. It is what lured me in.

But my start didn’t come from the most ordinary of places. I actually started practicing yoga. A rough version of it. On the water.

And the main reason. Was to fulfill that feeling that wakeboarding provided. I had to find that place again. Of flying.

The Start.

Working with the team from Paddleboard Orlando. We would lead stand up paddleboard tours around the Winter Park Chain of lakes. During a mid paddle break. We’d share some paddle technique tips. But then take a few moments to play. Sometimes standing on our head. Or playing with arm balances.

And I had no idea that this was the start to my yoga practice.

Then one day. A friend invited me to class. And since that day. I’ve been addicted.

After that first yoga class I began to dive into the physical side of yoga. Not understanding the other benefits that it would provide.

On the water.

Since that Fall day in October of 2011. My practice has Come. Gone. Evolved. And continues to do so.

With 6 years of being a student. And 3 years of being a teacher. Everyday I make it to my mat. I am grateful. Whether to practice or teach.

If the opportunity arises to practice or teach on the water. I choose that over a studio.

I can’t explain why. It is something that just calls to me. And has since that first day.

Floating Studio.

SUP Yoga
Exploring the worlds of SUP Yoga at Wanderlust Tremblant. Photo by Jessica Cichra

The past three years. Without a home studio. I’ve been fortunate to teach across North America. From the Islands of the Caribbean. To Hawaii. Mexico and Canada. As well as throughout the United States.

Lakes. Rivers. Oceans. and Pools.

Any where there is water I’ve been able to share my passion with people. And it has truly been a rewarding experience.

One of the main stays of my teaching experiences has been working with Wanderlust Festivals. A life changing experience that has forged a place into my heart. The students. Teachers. And staff make this event something that words will never do justice. But seeing it first hand. Always leaves me in awe.

The local communities have been amazing supportive as well. Studio owners have opened up their homes. And businesses to me. Welcoming me in. We have put together workshops. Clinics. Trainings. And social events. Once again allowing me to share what I love with so many beautiful souls.

Teaching Opportunities.

Having the opportunity to share my love for teaching SUP yoga and stand up paddleboarding. Is truly a dream come true.

I am always looking to add new locations. And new opportunities. To continue on this path.

I’d love to come to your community. ¬†And share my passions.