Lunker from a SUP

Why I Fish.

Paddleboard Bass Fishing
Seeing the fish from this vantage point. Being on a paddleboard makes fishing a bit easier.

Rising with the sun. I head out onto the lake. For a morning of SUP fishing. But today. I catch the moment when the fog rises up. And meets the sky. The sun joining along. As if it was rehearsed.

Here I Pause.

To soak up this moment. As it quickly vanishes.

Some days the rewards are playful fish on the end of the line. Other days. Just moments shared with Nature.

But this time. Is why I fish.

Fishing from a paddleboard
The stillness of sunset. Joins me while I take a few cast from my stand up paddleboard.

SUP Fishing.

SUP Fishing
Stand up paddleboard fishing allows me to sneak into the spots where boats can’t go. And this is the rewards.

Growing up on this lake. I have spent many of days cruising around fishing. But it has been sometime since I did it without the help of an engine.

Over the past year I started dabbling with stand up paddleboard fishing. A free moment. I’d sneak out, take a few casts. Maybe catch a fish.

But over the past few months I have truly began to enjoy the time on the water.

Bass fishing
Largemouth bass landed on a stand up paddleboard

It has become a form of meditation. And an escape.

The other parts of my life. SUP Racing, SUP Yoga, SUP Surfing and teaching stand up paddleboarding all play a part in this new found passion. And is just another way to enjoy time on the water.

SUP Fishing with the family
Stand up paddleboard fishing new england. Landing a chain pickerel

Family Time.

Paddleboard Fishing
Being able to take these three out to go fishing. Is always a treat. Especially since we are on a stand up paddleboard.

One of my favorite parts about stand up paddling is sharing time on the water with friends and family. No matter their ability levels.

And SUP Fishing is the same.

My nephews love “paddleboard fishing” as much as I do. We’ve ventured out together to share time on the water and catching a few fish.

Just another way to enjoy time with my family. Doing what I love.

SUP Fishing
My two nephews love paddleboard fishing. And always seem to land fish.