stand up paddleboarding Hood River

A love for the water.

The groms love stand up paddleboarding.
Stand up paddling with the kids. On Lake Monomonac in New England.

I wasn’t too sure about stand up paddleboarding. Actually. I didn’t even think it was for me.

After spending the previous 16 years of my life. Hurling myself through the air. Chasing the adrenaline rush.

SUP was like moving from the fast lane. To the bike path.

But after spending a few afternoons on the water with Paddleboard Orlando. I soon realized that, being on the water. Is all that truly mattered.

I begin helping to lead SUP tours around the beautiful Winter Park chain of lakes. One of the best places to paddle. Still to this day.


Stand Up Paddleboarding for the Plummer Home
Paddle for Plummer in Salem, MA. An SUP race helping to raise awareness and money. For the boys of the Plummer Home

And after about 2 months of paddling. I was talked into racing.

The reason I say talked in. Was about a month before I vowed never to compete again. After years of playing ice hockey and wakeboard competitions. I was over competing.

But the race I attended. Forever changed that opinion.

And now today. Racing is as much of my life as hockey and wakeboarding were.

Throughout the year I travel to about a race a month. Sometimes more. Usually during November and December I take a break. And then ease back into with the new year starting.

Racing now, is less about the competition. And more about the camaraderie of so many great friends. From far and near.


Peaceful Paddle, stand up paddleboarding at Wanderlust Tremblant
Wanderlust Tremblant students excited to head out on the water for a peaceful paddle. Photo by Jessica Cichra

Growing up on the lake. We always wanted to have people to share our time on the water. But growing up in a small town. Not many people had the same experiences. In order to get people out on the water. We ended up teaching them how to wakeboard. Become teachers before we could drive cars.

And it quickly grew into something more.

Having the guidance of my Dad. Who was my hockey coach. And also my early wakeboard coach. Even helping me land my first flip.

I was inspired to share my passion with others.

As I stumbled upon paddleboarding. Teaching slowly fell into place. Now with so many people excited to get out on the water. The opportunity to share my passion of the water and teaching. Has become a major part of my life.


Along with the many other things. Writing has become a part of my life. I’ve been fortunate to have some amazing people share my work. And also ask me a few questions about my story.

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