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Caribbean Winter Vacation, St. Croix US Virgin Islands

SUP Yoga Retreat in the Caribbean

A peaceful, gentle all level class led by Jeramie Vaine. Stand Up Paddleboard yoga is another class offered by Kite and Paddle St. Croix

US Virgin Islands Winter Vacation

Sunshine. Caribbean Waters. Palm Trees. Friends. Adventures. Sounds good right? Join me this winter. Starting January. 2017. I’ll be hosting tropical getaways in St. Croix with my good friends from Kite St. Croix.

The options are set up to fit your needs. Individual. Couples. Groups. SUP Certifications. SUP Trainings. Relaxing vacation. Winter SUP Training Camps. Team Building. Or a combination of everything. Below are a few examples of what we will be offering.

Kite and Paddle St. Croix Retreats

Caribbean Waters. Crystal clear, warm and filled with beautiful wildlife. Exploring above and below with Kite and Paddle St. Croix.

Kite and Paddle St. Croix Winter Camps

Stand up paddle St. Croix. A tropical paradise located in the US Virgin Islands. With an Island style, relaxed atmosphere. Nestled on the breath taking shores of the Island of St. Croix. Kite and Paddle St. Croix boast a list of adventures to explore this Caribbean gem. Stand up paddleboard classes, snorkel adventures, kite boarding or sitting back with your favorite ice cold beverage.

Island Fun Relaxation

Put your feet up. Relax. And enjoy the Caribbean waters. The following adventures are perfect for this type of escape. Prices are per person and include all the equipment.

SUP Yoga Classes 

This friendly, gentle all ability level class is for everyone. Whether new to stand up paddling, yoga or both. We will explore poses that will challenge us, but still keep us dry and smiling. All equipment and instruction provided.

Happy Sunset Tour 

This beginner, friendly tour will bring us around the calm, protected waters in front of the East End Paddle Club. Enjoying the view from the water. Watching the tropical fish swim. And ending with the sun disappearing into the ocean. Putting the perfect ending to the day. All equipment and instruction is included.

SUP Snorkel Adventures 

The magical waters of the Caribbean provide breathtaking views. Above and below the surface. This beginner, all ability level paddle will take us out on the water for a tour. Where we will take stops to drop into the tropical waters and explore below the surface. Having the opportunity to view ocean creatures in their natural habitat. All equipment and instruction is provided and included.

SUP Downwind and Training Camp

If you are looking to get into racing, downwinding, improve on your endurance or elevate your skills. This package will be catered to you and your individual needs. With world class downwind runs in the Caribbean and coaching to match. We will provide on and off the water clinics working on reading the water. Improving paddling technique and efficiency. As well as cross training and recovery routines. You will leave with improved skills, knowledge and fitness.

Introduction to Downwinding 

If you are new to downwinding on a stand up paddleboard. This beginner and/or all ability level class will teach you the basics of downwind paddling. Staying balanced on a board, how to paddle with the waves, reading the ocean and finding the glide. There will be a boat escort and instructor providing tips during the run.

Downwind Camp

Looking to elevate your SUP downwinding. This class will provide you on and off the water information. Discussing strategy on paddling efficiency, bump riding, maximizing the glide and more. Working with you before,during and after the run. To help ensure the most enjoyable and rewarding time on the water. A support boat will be on the water accompanying the trip and escorting us to the launch zone.

SUP and SUP Yoga Trainings with WPA Certification

Stand Up Paddleboarding is one of the fastest growing outdoor activities with a multitude of disciplines. Education is a key element to staying on top of new information, techniques and rules. The knowledge shared during these trainings along with the WPA Certification. Is aimed at setting you and your team up for success. On and off the water demonstrations and practices will occur creating a real life, teaching environment.

St. Croix Retreat

Stand Up Paddleboarding through St. Croix. Adventures for everyone with Kite and Paddle St. Croix.



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