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The Season is Up and Paddling.

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” ~ Zig Ziglar

SUP Exploration

Ego Alley in downtown Annapolis by SUP

As I sit here looking back on the past six months. This quote resonates deeply with me. And the things that are coming into my life.

This past December. I packed my bags and left my home. A small beachside bungalow in the surf town of San Clemente. Friends. Community. All in the rear view mirror. The future a bit foggy.

But after spending a month with my family in Massachusetts. I experience Ice breaking SUP Yoga, blustery race training sessions, hikes with the puppies and lots of time with my nephews and nieces. It was the perfect reset. Bringing me back to the simple reasons on why I truly loved stand up paddling.

After the holidays I headed south. The Caribbean Island of St. Croix was the destination. And my home for the next four months. My good friends Isabelle Picard and Bill Kraft, the owners of Kite and Paddle St. Croix. Became mentors and training partners as well as my hosts. Teaching me how to kiteboard and sharing numerous lessons on life. The four months in the islands flew by and before I knew it, I was on a plane heading back stateside.

But there was something different. As the fog slowly began to lift. A vision re-focussed and a passion re-fueled.

And the timing could not be more perfect.

The Start of the Season.

I headed over to North Carolina for the kick off event of the season. The Carolina Cup. Meeting up with friends from across the globe. Talking paddling. Racing at one of the most humbling events. But most importantly having an amazing time, on and off the water. The Southern hospitality vibe was present. And greeted us wherever we went. The beach town of Wrightsville has an arms wide open greeting for anyone. Putting the exclamation point on this event.

The energy rolled into another event. The Bay Bridge paddle. And carrying the momentum that the Carolina Cup started the season off with. This event was another challenging yet rewarding paddle. The one day event were we paddled below the historic Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Surrounded by a community. Filled with passion and fire.

SUP Season in Annapolis

Capital SUP crew at Bay Bridge Paddle

A Month in Annapolis.

After a month of racing. Things began to switch gears. Heading over to Capital SUP for the month.

Annapolis is a community that has the paddle bug. A harbor town, rich with history. Home to the Naval Academy and just a quick trip from our nation’s capital.

This place has something special. Paddlers flock to the waters as soon as the temperatures begin to rise. And sometimes even when they stay frigid.

Only 11 days into this month, I’ve been on the water everyday but one day. And I’d be lying if I said it was because I wanted too. As the inspiration and the push of the community is the real reason. Simply because, the weather, has been not so Caribbean like. Cold, windy and rainy.

But the Capital SUP crew shows up. No matter what.

I am excited to see where the next 28 days take us. All I know is that there are many of fun adventures ahead. And lots of water time. If you are in Annapolis or the DelMarVa region, head on over and come for a paddle with us.

Season is on

Training for life. Downwind paddle with Brian Meyer of Capital SUP

What’s Next?

This weekend we have the Home Opener at Capital SUP Annapolis. And due to Mother Nature we moved some of our events to Sunday.

On Wednesday the 17th at 6:30 pm I’ll be teaching an Intro to Racing Clinic powered by Werner Paddles. This all level, beginner friendly clinic will cover everything from paddle technique to how to prepare for your first race.

On the 20th I’ll be heading up to New Jersey for the Pirate Paddle. A race that has always been on my list. As it is back by another fun paddle community.

As the month rolls on I’ll be adding more events. And recaps.

But this is all I have for now. As I’m being summoned to head out onto the water for another training session.

Season is on

Capital SUP Training session in Annapolis



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