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SUP Season ends in San Clemente

Pacific Paddle Games

Hanging with the Surf Cats. Or a few members at the Pacific Paddle Games

End of Summer

Travel. Adventure. Paddle. Yoga. Surf. Friends. This has been the best summer ever. And yes I know Summer ended a few months ago. But here in the land of endless summer. Well it is still going. Or better yet. It finally just came to an end.

Changed my life

This past week. Was no better way. To put an exclamation point. On a summer that change my life. From travels throughout North America. To meeting so many new friends. And getting to spend time with my family.

I learned a lot about myself. Traveled alone. Stepped into a world of unknown. Found my passion. Shared it. Recreated myself. Found my vision. My mission.

As I think back to where I was a year ago. It is hard to believe how far things have come. And how the road ahead. Is going to be amazing. Filled with work. Sweat. Tears. But all for the right reasons.

Foundation Fitness in San Clemente

East Coast meets West. Capital SUP from Annapolis headed over to San Clemente for a fun session with Foundation Fitness

San Clemente living

After spending three amazing weeks on the road. I returned back to San Clemente. Greeted with a house full of friends. And epic surf. I could not think of a better way to close out my SUP season. We attended the SUP Awards hosted by SUP the Mag. Trained at Foundation Fitness. Surfed. Did restorative yoga. Celebrated an amazing year.

Pacific Paddle Games

The race itself delivered in true fashion. The swell turned on. Making the stacked competition that much more challenging. It also brought so many great friends to town. People from all over the globe who traveled to the event. Which made it for me. Walking the beach and running into friends. Who I haven’t seen all year. Hearing how much fun they were having in the surf. On the waves. With the California weather delivering. In perfect fashion.

Mexico, San Clemente, Annapolis PPG 2016

Technical Race at the Pacific Paddle Games. SUP Racers from across the globe attended the event.

SUPIA Summit

SUPIA Summit at Dana Point Yacht Club

Industry members of stand up paddleboarding. Met in Dana Point. Discussing the future of the sport.

The weekend ended in a great way. A perfect send off party. Held by the team at Riviera. Friends gathered. Swapping stories. Laughs. But this was not the end of the events for some of us. Monday about 50 of us gathered to discus the future of the industry. Where are we going. What is state of the industry. And how can we keep doing what we love.

Two days worth of discussions. Analyzing. Brainstorming. Outside the industry experts shared their thoughts. We wrote. And we came together as one. With the focus of growing our industry. As the main stay. The SUPIA, Stand Up Paddleboard Industry Association. Is trying its best at helping all the pieces of the industry. From the manufacturers, retailers, athletes and consumers. I was honored to sit on the growth panel sharing my experiences. Which many of you. Made possible. Provided valuable insight. Things I was able to share. Help continue to grow our sport.

SUP yoga in Dana Point

Jessica Cichra of Wave of Wellness. Led us in a stand up paddleboard yoga class in Dana Point Harbor

My Vision

So here we go. Off to the so called “off season”. I’ve taken a few days to surrender to my couch. Walk on the beaches of San Clemente. Catch up with friends. And actually stay in my own bed for multiple consecutive nights. And it feels kind of weird. But as I get ready for next year. One thing I want to share. Is my vision. My goal. I would love to paddle with everyone. To encourage everyone to get out on the water. Try stand up paddling. Explore SUP Yoga. And know that this sport is for anyone. No limits on age. Ability. Gender. Or experience.

What’s Next

With 2017 around the corner and a mission in place. I’ll be launching dates. Information. As well as a lot more stuff shortly. But for now come see me at the Painkiller Cup in the British Virgin Islands in January. Wanderlust Oahu in February. Or here in San Clemente until then.

Thank you

I am beyond grateful for everyone who has been a supporter of my adventures. Opened their homes. Provided me with product. Advice. Great food. Friendships that no blog can ever describe. Thank you to Werner Paddles, Wanderlust FestivalsFuture Fins, Foundation Fitness, Manduka Yoga, Red Bull North America, Turq Sport, On It Pro, Hoven Vision, Howzit, my family and friends.

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