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SUP Yoga

Paddleboard yoga beginner pose

Wanderlust Snowshoe students in West Virginia. An all level SUP Yoga class led by Jeramie Vaine

Can I do SUP Yoga

Yes we can do SUP Yoga! And we are in this together. Do not let the pictures of me meditating and doing headstands fool you. Six years ago sitting still for more than a minute was impossible. I worked construction, played hockey, wakeboarded, I didn’t do Yoga. Yoga was a four letter word. One that would never come out of my mouth. Ever!

Today, I look at SUP, SUP Yoga and Yoga differently. SUP is for everyone. Everyone can do SUP Yoga. My vision is to show people that they can get out on the water. We can become healthy and break down the barriers that our minds put up.

Beginner Class

Savasana in the Floating studio

SUP Yoga is peaceful. Savasana on the magical waters of Lake Tahoe at Wanderlust Squaw Valley. Jeramie Vaine leads students into the final pose of class

Stand up paddleboard yoga is for beginners. Why, well for starters it is way less intimidating. Not that studios are scary, but going to the beach is more likely to happen than going to the yoga studio. The poses are designed to keep you above the water. Yes people fall in, yes some classes can be harder than others. But, the goal is not to make class so challenging and humbling that you never to come back again. It is to teach you that you can overcome your fears. In some of my classes we never stand up, why because yoga is a practice. We build upon poses, some days our bodies are not ready so we slow it down. Remember, we want you to stay dry and come back. Being afraid is no fun and fun is what this is all about.

I don’t do Yoga

I don’t do yoga and I’m not flexible. Me either, well ok, I do yoga but flexibility is my weakness. The poses we get into will not put you in pain or discomfort. The place we go is where you can calmly breathe and hold a conversation. And if it is too much, we have options to go even easier. That goal again, keep you dry and smiling, the rest will come.

I don’t know the names

The way we cue the poses does not matter if you know what Warrior II is. Better yet, you don’t even have to speak english or listen. By demonstrating the poses with you, we show you where to be. This is a team game, you to be having the best day on the water is all that matters.

Floating Studio paddleboard yoga class

Jeramie Vaine encouraging his students to let go of everything that holds them back. A Floating Studio Dance Party at Wanderlust Aspen

My balance is bad

SUP Yoga is not about balance, yoga is not about balance. It is about getting out there and trying something new. When we try to balance, this is when we fall. We do not need to try, just go out there and do it. Leave the mind on the beach, it’ll tell you a thousand things you are doing wrong. And it will most likely take you swimming, while my goal is the opposite.

Floating Studio, Paddleboard Yoga Class

A Floating Studio, 25 students take to the waters of Annapolis for a SUP Yoga class. Red Bull powered the event, know as seize the sun. Image by Brendan Medairy.

Paddleboard Yoga, I am ready

Ready for SUP Yoga, yes you are. Step outside the constraints of everything you know. Check your ego at the shoreline and head out into the water. Who knows what will come of it, you may meet new friends, you may learn something fun or you may just have the best day of your life. Anything is possible out on the water exploring the unknown.