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Wanderlust Snowshoe, on the lake

Wanderlust Snowshoe in West Virginia

Snowshoe, West Virginia overlooking the lake where Wanderlust set up a SUP Yoga class

The Lake

The fog lifted out of the valley, gently rising off the lake like smoke from a chimney in the dead of winter. This was the view from above as we set on our adventure down to the lake. Our ride was unique, a chairlift down with a panoramic view of the lake. This was Wanderlust Snowshoe, a surreal setting for stand up paddleboard yoga. And the kick off to the Wanderlust Festival tour here on the mainland of North America.

Yoga Everywhere

With the setting and energy of the mountains providing a perfect place to practice and surrender, this festival I dove deep into the world of Yoga. From Blacklight classes with my mentor and guru Tymi Howard to SUP Yoga classes with friends, this festival provided something amazing. It helped solidify my path I’m on of sharing my passion with everyone. Every class I took I learned something, something about me, something about my yoga practice. And the classes I taught, I learned from my students and soaked up their smiles and energy they brought to the water.

Wanderlust Snowshoe SUP Yoga on the lake

This photo of SUP Yoga in Snowshoe West Virginia captured by Ben Petchel at Wanderlust. Jeramie Vaine leads students through a beginner sequence. Encouraging them to step outside of the comfort zone.

Friends for life

Wanderlust Snowshoe was a gathering of great people. Friends I see often, others seen on social media posts. It was also a place where I connected with people through classes. We were all there to explore all the offerings of the festival and this mountain town. With Wanderlust Aspen about to kick off, I am reminded why I love the communities I am involved in.

Wanderlust Snowshoe, above the lake.

The adventure begins at Wanderlust Snowshoe in West Virginia. The meeting under the arch, students and teachers. All come together to smile and enjoy a fun filled weekend in the mountains.




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