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Crazy Kiteboarder Flew over Me

Kiteboarding Fun

Bill Kraft of Kite and Paddle St. Croix Indy grabs over a stand up paddler

We are Crazy.

Some people may call us crazy. And I’m just fine with that.

When my good friends and Professional Kiteboarders, Bill Kraft and Isabelle Picard told me they were going to kite while I surfed. I never gave it a second thought.

The day. Different than what I was used to seeing. The calm waters of Chenay Bay. A sandy beach cove nestled on the Northeast side of the Island of St. Croix. Turned into a kitesurfing paradise.

Waves. Winds. An excited ocean. Replacing the flat water.

And then the adrenaline junkies followed.

Wind. Waves. And Laughs.

SUP Surf Session

St. Croix’s Chenay Bay, usually flat, scored some waves. Making a fun surf session.

The ocean. During storm events can be intimidating. Crashing waves. Shaking palm trees. But to others. It is the perfect time to harness the energy and enjoy the water. And this is what we did.

Bill and Isabelle set up their kiteboarding gear. And a few of their friends joined. I followed suit. On a stand up paddleboard.

As I paddled out. I starred at the kites dancing in the air. While the people followed along. Flipping. Spinning. Rising up into the air, just like the kites they were flying.

After shooting a bunch of videos and photos I joined in on the fun. Surfing. And playing in the waves.

Soon after I caught a few waves. I saw Bill head over in my direction. And this is where the fun began.

The video will reveal it all.

Sharing the Stoke.

Sharing is Caring

Kitesurfer and sup surfer share a wave in St. Croix.

This day on the water. Showed me what it was like. To share the waves. Water. And feeling that comes along with it.

Sometimes it is referred to as adrenaline. Others excitement. Or simply called. Stoked.

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