Jeramie Vaine paddleboard instructor

The Who, What and Where of my life.

My name is Jeramie Vaine. And this is collection of my stories. From my travels. And interactions with radical people.

For over 6 years I have worked in the Stand Up Paddleboard Industry. In a multitude of capacities.

During these years I have crossed paths with so many amazing humans. And I continue to find myself stumbling onto new things that challenge and humble me. But also weave their way into my world.

In 2011 I was introduced to Yoga and paddlesurfing. And they both latched onto me. Forging their way into my life.

The following year traveling began to occur. And just as yoga and paddlesurfing. A new found love was born.

Since then I have driven across this beautiful country 5 times. Been up and down the coast. Both West and East. A handful of times. Visited the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico, British Virgin Islands and the US Virgin Islands. And set foot in 44 states.

Travel continues to play an integral role in my life. As I am able to share my passion of paddling and yoga. To those whose path I cross.

Today. At 38 years old. With no place of my own. I have comeback to the place where my love for the water began. And reconnect with my roots. In between each adventure.


To face fear. Is to get up early. And rise with the sun.
A peaceful sunrise paddle on Shaffer Lake at Wanderlust West Virginia. Photo by Jefe Greenheart