Jeramie Vaine paddleboard instructor

The Who, What and Where of my life.

My name is Jeramie Vaine. And this is collection of my stories. From my travels. And interactions with radical people.

For over 6 years I have worked in the Stand Up Paddleboard Industry. In a multitude of capacities. Along with this being my career, it is bigger than that. It is also my passion. And it continues to open my eyes to the possibilities of where SUP will take me. 

From mountain top yoga festivals teaching SUP Yoga , SUP racing in the Caribbean, stand up paddle technique classes in the MidWest and SUP Fishing on the lakes of Florida.

The Introduction to Stand Up Paddleboarding.

In 2011 I was introduced to Yoga and stand up paddleboarding. And they both latched onto me. Forging their way into my life.

The following year traveling began to occur. And just as yoga and stand up paddling. A new found love was born.

Since then I have driven across this beautiful country 5 times. Been up and down the coast. Both West and East. A handful of times. Visited the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico, British Virgin Islands and the US Virgin Islands. And set foot in 44 states.

Travel continues to play an integral role in my life. As I am able to share my passion of SUP and yoga. To those whose path I cross.

Today. At 38 years old. I find myself traveling, teaching, paddling and racing as much as when I was first introduced. Spending the summers in New England and the winters below the palm trees. What started as a hobby has become my life. 

Thank you for reading about my travels. Saying hello when our paths cross and providing words of support and inspiration along the way. This journey has been an amazing one. And all because of the people in this community and all they provide.


To face fear. Is to get up early. And rise with the sun.
A peaceful sunrise paddle on Shaffer Lake at Wanderlust West Virginia. Photo by Jefe Greenheart