Jeramie Vaine paddleboard instructor

The Who, What and Where of my life.

My name is Jeramie Vaine. And stand up paddleboarding is a passion of mine. One that I love to share through teaching, social media and writing. Thank you for visiting.

For over 7 years I have and continue to work in the Stand Up Paddleboard Industry. My roles have served multitude of capacities. Such as brand building, team management and stand up paddleboard instruction.

These opportunities have placed me at mountain top yoga festivals teaching SUP Yoga, paddleboard demos on the rivers of the Pacific Northwest, SUP racing in the Caribbean, stand up paddle classes in the MidWest and SUP Fishing on the lakes of Florida.

During these years. The experience and knowledge gained has been life changing. And it has compelled me to give back and share. With those whose paths I cross.

The Introduction to Stand Up Paddleboarding.

In 2011 stand up paddleboarding found its way into my life. In the most round about ways.

A move to Orlando, Florida. Not for paddling. But for wakeboarding. With dreams and aspirations to work in the industry. Teach. And share my passion of the sport. However my journey went a different direction.

Stand up paddleboarding.

A good friend from wakeboarding, Ned Johnson. Asked me to come try it out. A bit reluctant. I gave in. Over the course of a month. It began to forge its way into my life. Ned, who runs Paddleboard Orlando, asked me if I would be interested in teaching.

This day changed my life.

As I was moments away from packing my things and moving back to New England and revisit the career that I left three years earlier. A great career. But one that did not fulfill me.

And then came SUP Racing.

The wave that created the ride of a lifetime. I vowed not to compete in anymore sports. Ned convinced me to come to the beach to try this “Battle of the Paddle” style race. No idea what I was in for.

After the first lap, I caught this wave. And rode in to the beach, what I called switch stance. As I surf and wakeboard left foot forward. The next few laps the excitement and adrenaline continued to build. Seeing fish. Dolphins. And catching more waves.

Arriving at the finish lane. Fatigued. And out of breath. The only thing on my mind. Was when can I race again.

I was hooked.

The addition of Yoga.

Just as stand up paddling eased into my life. Thanks to friends.

Yoga followed a similar path.

My good friend Chelsie Savage. Encouraged me to come to a Tuesday night class with her. And yes was the answer that came from my mouth. Arriving to the studio. Jam packed with yoga mats and happy people. The vibe was beyond welcoming.

Moments later Tymi Howard walked through the door. Saying her hellos. Laying out her mat. And started us through a brief introduction. Within moments the music filled the air. And we moved.

The class was challenging. But rewarding. I left dripping with sweat. But smiling like a small child with a new toy. I was hooked. And from that moment on. The practice of yoga has been intertwined into my life.