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Laughs and Fun Times, Paddleboarding.

Boat life in St. Croix with friends

A fun boat trip with friends to Buck Island.

Variety’s the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor. ~William Cowper

A sport. Activity. Hobby. And lifestyle. Maybe this is why stand up paddleboarding is seeing a surge in popularity around the world. Or is it something else?

Why stand up paddleboarding?

Loaded with aliases, such as SUP or paddleboarding. Or with discipline driven names, such as SUP Yoga, Stand Up Paddle racing, SUP surfing, whitewater SUP, exploration, downwinding or simply, paddling.

No matter the name. Where it is being done. One thing is for sure. People are enjoying their time on the water.

Families are paddling together. Couples. Friends. Businesses having board meetings, on boards. Schools are trading gym time. For water time.

People who let go of competition in their early teens. Are now, even in their 50s and 60s, are competing again.



Water Time with Friends.

This past week. The goal. Was as clear as the Caribbean waters we paddled on. Two friends, from California. Who paddle in a enthusiastic, fun filled community, know as Performance Paddling. Brought that same playful energy down to St. Croix. Joining us at Kite and Paddle St. Croix.

A week on the water. To surf, downwind, adventure and laugh a lot.

Highlight Reel.

It is hard to encompass a week with great friends. Doing what we love. But this 60 second video is a glimpse into the world of stand up paddling. And how friends. Of all ability levels. Ages. And experience. Can get together for an amazing time on the water.

It is why, stand up paddling is growing throughout the world. And another reason, why I paddle.



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