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My Friends:

Without support none of this would be possible. From the people who open their homes to the companies who make the best products. All of you allow me to live this life, help me follow my passion and share it with everyone. Thank you to all of you, I am forever grateful. You are the best friends in the world!

Fall SUP Race with friends

Stand up paddle racing in Charleston, SC. Paddlers head out onto the beautiful southern waters.

Stand Up Paddle:

Being able to share the sport I love with so many people is an honor. Each one of these companies shares the same vision as I do and there support is amazing. From cruising around with my family on SUPs, SUP racing with my friends, SUP surfing epic breaks, teaching SUP Yoga or night time adventures. These companies have it all covered!

Futures FinsWerner PaddlesOn It ProMTI Adventure Wear, Howzit, NOCQUA Adventure GearHarvest ActiveTurq, NK Speed Coach, Hoven Vision

Foundation Fitness, Friends of the Foundy Nation

The home of Adult PE. This is the anti-gym, a place we can be ourselves and get an awesome workout. Located in San Clemente, Foundation Fitness is a HIIT training facility like no other


Foundation Fitness San Clemente, Indo Board, Performance Paddling, Paddle Power Training 

Yoga is for everyone. Manduka and Jeramie Vaine's shared vision of showing the beginner side of yoga and SUP Yoga.

Yoga is for everyone. Manduka and Jeramie Vaine’s shared vision of showing the beginner side of yoga and SUP Yoga.


My world has changed because of this. It has opened my eyes to endless possibilities while supporting my athletic endeavors. These companies continue to support the SUP Yoga movement helping to get more people on the water.

Buddha PantsSilver and Sage JewelryViolet Love, Manduka, Wanderlust Festivals


Being able to share my passion via print, electronic and social media is amazing. These companies have shared my stories to their readers. From how to pieces to editorials and features. They continue to promote the healthy lifestyle and the benefits of SUP, SUP yoga and yoga.

Yoganonymous,Standup Paddle Magazine, Boarders MagSUP the Mag, Yoga Digest

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