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A Floating Dance Party: SUP Yoga at Wanderlust Oahu

Floating Dance Party in Hawaii

Wanderlust Oahu Floating Dance Party

Where did our happiness go?

We move through our days. Closed off from the world around us. Head down. Attached to our phones. Buried in our work. And connected to worlds that only exists in an app.

We are stressed. Disconnected. And our faces reflect it.

Then we do something. Away from technology. Work. The stresses of life. And our face reveals our true happiness. We begin to smile. Laugh. Become playful.

Like we used to do. As children.

The Wanderlust Experience.

This past weekend I was honored to head back to the Island of Oahu. Located on the North Shore. Turtle Bay hosted the Wanderlust Festival.

A four day, healthy, active lifestyle. With music, yoga, mediation, surfing, SUP yoga and much more.

I joined a few yoga classes. And the message from the teachers seemed to share a common thread. Connection.

We are all slowly taking notice how disconnected we are from our fellow humans.

And myself included. Attached to the phone and the land of social media. Too busy to stop and engage in a real conversation. Maybe with the person who just liked my photo.

Or even to just smile at a stranger.

A smile. Just as easy as liking a photo. But so over looked and forgotten.

Reconnecting with the world.

As I took to the water. Surrounded by excited students. This message of connection resonated with me.

In SUP Yoga we have the opportunity to disconnect from life. Due simply to the fact that we are on the water. And we would hate to lose our beloved link to the land of social media. So we leave our phones on shore. Slowly breaking the addiction.

Floating. Freely. We begin to reconnect with ourselves.

As the mind wanders we quickly are reminded. It must stay present. With us. Here on the water. Or we loose our balance. And fall. We slowly move through poses. Building confidence and trust. Our mind bounces back and forth.

Floating Dance Party

With confidence increasing. And the connection to the board. The poses begin to become a bit more dynamic.

But in true beach fashion. We bring it back to that playful place. To where we did things without worry if anyone would judge us. Or how many likes we would receive.

We did it because it made us. Smile.

As we all begin to stand on on paddleboards. The mind holding tight onto the fact that we may fall. We let go. Just like the seaweed that moves so freely below the surface. We replicate it. A floating dance party begins.

At first we move. We are stiff. Hesitant. But just like those fun nights out with our friends. After a few adult beverages. The rigidity leaves. And the full on dance party begins.

Moving freely on the board. Replicating our favorite wedding party dance moves. The smile slowly sneaks on our face. Naturally.

Sharing a smile.

After each class ended. It was an honor to see everyone with ear to ear. Smiles. Sometimes no words were spoken. Just a look to one another. And to those who may not have been part of the class. Or just on the beach watching. They began to smile as well.

The smiles became contagious. As cheesy as it sounds. It happened.

A daily routine.

With the festival completed. And back in St. Croix. The energy and excitement of Wanderlust Oahu is subsiding. But one thing that has stuck with me. Is this simple message.

Share a smile. Connect with someone. In real life.


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