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What Cold, Winter SUP Surf

Growing up in New England there are things you do that you just don’t think twice about.  We pull the docks out in winter, put the boats away, get the plows and snow removal stuff ready.  It happens every year like clock work and as winter rolls in we embrace the cold. We jump into the winter sports, pond hockey, skiing and one I missed as a kid, winter surfing.

Massachusetts Fun

This past Christmas I went home and visited the family. Due to an unseasonably warm winter trend I spent more time on my SUP and less on my hockey skates.  It was hard to get in the holiday spirit with Florida like temperatures hitting. Because of stand up paddleboarding, I was able to enjoy it a different way.  My dad and I paddled on Christmas Day. I took my pup Dakota out for a paddle almost daily and it made from a memorable holiday.

Cold Weather Adventure

In true New England fashion, after Christmas we were delivered a beautiful snow, sleet and ice storm. Temperatures dropped back to their norms of below 32. To those of you who know what sleet is. We despise the word as much as the beautiful ice/rain pellets that plummet from the sky. If you do not know what it is. You are lucky as this weather is a nightmare and cold.  Everything freezes, becomes slippery and even the bravest of the brave stay in doors. That is until it changes into rain or snow.  After slip sliding down my driveway I decided mother nature had plans for me to stay indoors this day. But I received a call from a great friend, Johnny O’Hara.

Winter Session

Johnny, better know as Johnny O, invited me up to Gloucester to go for a cold water, Winter surf.  Heading out the next morning, the drive up had me dodging black ice, passing through snow squals and watching the thermometer hoover around 27 degrees . As I arrived in Gloucester Johnny O and I loaded up the boards and headed to the beach.  Growing up in New England I figured we would be the only fools out on this day. The crew was strong, about 15 heads bobbing in the line up!  I was blown away with how many people paddled out on this “warm” day.  Warm, the water was 47 and the air 28, so this was balmy for almost January.

This experience once again changed my view of the people in the community, we all seek happiness from the water.  And sometimes no matter the conditions, cold, storms, snow, wind, it does not matter!  Below is a quick video on what this day looked like, thanks again Johnny O for exposing me to this great experience!

Snow SUP Surf Video

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