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Beach Party: Night Stand Up Paddling St. Croix

Night SUP

Kite and Paddle St. Croix hosted a night stand up paddleboard event. Called the Beach Party.

Orange Sky

As the sun sets into the Caribbean Sea. The sky comes alive. Oranges. Pinks. Reflecting off of the tropical blue waters.

But tonight has something unique going on. The tranquil waters, which are typically quiet at night. Are filled with laughter and what appears to be glowing people. Walking on the water.

Sunset Paddle

Sunset paddleboarding in St. Croix

A sunset night paddle.

Ten paddlers took to the waters of St. Croix at Chenay Bay. As the sun disappeared and the sky darkened. The light show on the water began.

Back lit from a bon fire on the beach. And with music that resembled that of a wedding party blending in with the hoots and hollers from the water.

The quiet beach came alive.

Paddlers moved in a circle formation. Danced. Paddled. Some just sat and watched. Just as if it was a roller skating disco party.

The water was lit up. From lights on the paddleboards. And from the smiles on the paddlers faces.

Beach Party at Chenay Bay

Bon fire, stand up paddleboards, music and good friends

This was a night beach party.

A community getting together. To celebrate a close to another great day. And to the start of something new.

The Island of St. Croix is a tropical paradise. With people from all over the world visiting. Water activities are abundant. And the rum is too.

Stand Up Paddling has started to make its way into the daily activities. And this event showed that.

It is a place where balance and simplicity are the keys to life. We enjoy a great day paddling and an umbrella drink with friends. Talking about the simple things of life.

It is a way to escape the constraints of reality. And remember why we do the things we do.

But if you missed this event, we have another one coming in a few weeks. On Saturday February 18th we will have another Beach Party. With light paddling. Music. Drinks flowing and the restaurant serving island delicacies.

Night Paddlers

Beach Party goers

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