Open roads.

Smile. Share. Learn. Grow.


Smiling is contagious
Seeing his smile. Instantly put one on my face. This is why I love having him out with me.

Waking up in the morning. We have the chance to set our day off in whatever direction we choose.

With a simple Yet rewarding gesture. We can push our day into the world of possibilities. And away from the impossibilities.


It will light up our world. And those around us. Give ourselves that boost of confidence. To say we can do anything we want. And overcome any obstacle.


Share the passion. And smile.
Sharing the passion. Stand up paddleboard yoga. Wanderlust Whistler

Seeing someone with a smile on their face. And instantly ours, joins in on the fun. Our mind wanders a bit. Wondering why they are smiling and eventually leading us into why we would be smiling.

It is contagious. And beautiful.

Leads us to the land of happiness and possibilities. And takes no effort.

Just slide the corners up our face. Towards our eyes.

There it is.



Sunrise Meditation
Sitting with ourselves. Learning. Growing.

Even with the biggest smile on our faces we can hit the wall. Struggle with our lives. And question whether this is all worth it.

But those moments. Are the ones where the goodness is about to reveal itself. It is so close to shinning through. Then it gets unbearably difficult. And we ask how much more can we possibly handle.

That is where the lesson is. And we have to ask ourselves some questions.

Is it Fear? Or strength?


Open roads.
We can travel forward. Anywhere we want. We just need to take one step.

Fear is something that resides in us. It holds us back from reaching our full potential.

But we have to ask our selves a simple question. Are the decision we are making. Based on Fear. Or Strength.

And that moment. The smile joins our face. Because we know that we are ready to grow.

The potential is endless. Our path yet to be walked. Just waiting for us. To be ready. To take the first step. Overcome the hurdles. And follow our dreams.

We can do this. We will do this.

Let’s conquer that obstacle. And do some radical things.


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