Peace Out

The Universe and the Path.

The Vanishing Blog.

For three years I plugged away. Creating content. Writing on topics of passion. Stories of trips and places traveled to.

And then like awaking from a dream. It was gone.

404 – Page not Found.

These words. They appear where all my stories and posts once existed. But I have decided to let that ship sail. I am not a web designer. Nor do I have the least bit of knowledge on how to create a website. Which is pretty obvious.

But I love to write. Teach and share my stories. Over the past year I’ve been toying around with the ideas of letting Kook Chronicles fade away into the distance, like that of the famed Pirate ship from the Goonies. But as fate would have it, just like that pirate ship. It took it upon itself to head off to the land of “404 – page not found. ”

My First Blog.

Now it is back to day one. My first blog post. And it could not be at a much better time. So many new things happening in my life. With so much to talk about.

For those of you who read my stories. Thank you. To those of you who are wondering where they went. I am sorry. And thank you for finding me and tuning back in.

Over the next few months, hopefully weeks. I am going to slowly rebuild this. Share some stories and tips. Add some events and even a newsletter.

Please fee free to shoot me a message and connect. As this will be a work in progress. And with it happening during busy season. It may be a slow growing site.

Thank you all for tuning in. And for all the endless support.

For now, my car calls a 11 hour drive to Massachusetts. Home base for the next 5 weeks.

Subaru loaded for fun
Wanderlust West Virginia. With 7 boards and after 1700 miles.

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