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Jeramie Vaine

Jeramie Vaine teaching SUP Yoga at Wanderlust Squaw Valley. Need more read the blog

15 excited students on Lake Tahoe for Wanderlust Squaw Valley. A beginner level class taught by SUP Yoga instructor Jeramie Vaine. An all level SUP yoga class aimed at challenging each student to step outside of the comfort zone and explore the unknown. In the Floating Studio we leave technology and the busy world behind. Surrendering to all that Mother Nature delivers.

Jeramie Vaine is a SUP, Yoga and SUP yoga teacher

Jeramie Vaine, SUP Yoga teacher

SUP Yoga at Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu’s North Shore at the Wanderlust Oahu Yoga Festival, taught by Jeramie Vaine

Jeramie Vaine is a SUP, Yoga and SUP Yoga teacher. As a teenager he created his own traveling wakeboard coaching company in New England. At the age of 19 he was invited to Charleston, SC. He brought his coaching skills down south. Where he was asked to build a wakeboard school at the world renown ski school and ski lake, Trophy Lakes. While his summers where tied up in entrepreneurial endeavors in the watersports industry. The winters brought him back to New England. Here he played collegiate hockey for fours years. Received an Environmental Engineering Degree from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA. 

Stand Up Paddleboarding technique SUP Instructor Jeramie Vaine

Stand Up Paddlers from Annapolis take in a SUP paddle clinic from Jeramie Vaine at Capital SUP. Photo by Brian Meyer

Traveling Instructor

Today you will find Jeramie traveling the world. Sharing his passions of stand up paddleboarding, yoga and stand up paddleboard yoga. Working with companies like Werner Paddles and Wanderlust Festivals, he is able to reach a wide demographical audience. But it does not stop with just being an traveling instructor. Jeramie also is a contributor to numerous online and print media publications. Sharing tips and techniques to a large audience. He also utilizes his social media presence to encourage others to get outside and live!

Who is Jeramie Vaine

Today Jeramie Vaine lives a very differently life than six years ago. His career and his lifestyle has changed. And everyday is changes a bit more. But now there is a goal, a vision. One who loves to share with others.

My Story

Rewind this life back ten years. I was 27 years old going on 47. I was managing construction projects all around eastern Massachusetts. My stress level was at an all time high. My days consisted of meetings with older, wiser men. All who called me a “kid”, with a lot to learn. The construction industry, whether you agree or not, is as macho as you can get. Everyday I went to work I defended my ego, puffed out my chest, swore a lot and acted “like a man”. If I didn’t, the guys I worked with saw it as weakness and walked all over me. Or at least that is what I thought.

Collegiate Ice Hockey

If working construction wasn’t enough of an ego battle, I had hockey. Standing a towering five foot four inches but my brain led me to believe I was six foot plus. Always challenging everyone, reacting to every situation and having an ego the size of the rink. I was told forever I was to small, not good enough, so instead my ego took over. Showing everyone how big I was. The reality, I was fighting a battle inside. Yes I overcame a lot of obstacles and did pretty well. But there were some scares on the inside. I always had to prove myself, show people I could do what I wanted.

Wakeboard World

I grew up on the water wakeboarding, I really loved it. Becoming a local regional rider at a young age was a dream come true. But ice hockey was my passion and growing up in New England, I could play year round. Wakeboarding was a seasonal hobby and once again I faced obstacles. With hockey and college becoming my focus I let wakboarding slip away. Until I left construction and no longer had a chance playing competitive ice hockey. At the ripe old age of 29 I started competing in wakeboarding again. It was a six year hiatus. Living in the mountains of Colorado something inspired me. And this time when I came back, I was focussed and passionate. Coaching came back into my life. Then the thoughts about yoga. How to be the best at what I was doing.


Competing at the amateur level, I had grand visions. At 30 years old, I was well beyond my prime. The ego was still strong as ever and no one was going to tell me I couldn’t do it. So I left the mountains of Colorado, for Florida. The mecca of Wakeboarding. In a matter of a year everything was falling into place, My riding getting better. Connecting with pros and industry people. I saw the future unfolding. Until real life hit me in the face, I needed to pay for this venture. The country still in a bad place post 2008, I couldn’t land a construction job. Worse than that, I could not get a job. Then one day I awoke to the reality, that the boat on wakeboarding left. Without me.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

This is when my life changed. I was introduced to SUP. Then yoga. And then they both were combined to fuel a passion. As someone who has come a long way from the days of working construction and destroying my body from the inside and out. I can relate to all the fears, doubts and questions about why should I try stand up paddling, paddleboard yoga or yoga. My goal isn’t to change you. It is just to open your eyes to the endless possibilities. The rest is up to you.

8 thoughts on “Jeramie Vaine

  1. Kim Heft

    Jeramie so looking forward to reading your blog. I also enjoyed reading how you got to where you are today with SUP, my first dabble was on a cruise in the Bahamas and was hooked and NEVER imagined I would have my own board! Still learning every time I’m on the water and appreciate having others such as yourself to learn from as well! Best Kim

  2. Ken Jenkins

    I’m fascinated by SUP even though I’ve never tried it. I’ll have to live vicariously through your adventures.


    Kenny J.

  3. Victoria Fasula

    I rember meeting you in 2011 and getting a lesson from you on the Winter Park chain of lakes . You were helping me learn the proper racing stroke because I had just gotten my new bark board.
    You also you told me your life story.
    I remember telling you that when my daughters came to town, I would introduce you to them.
    But shortly thereafter you got the break you were looking for or maybe not “the great opertunity to go with Boga.”
    I think you are living a dream life and surely deserve to be!
    Your story is a positive one and I’m so glad you told it in the sincere way you did.

  4. Maylanie Bevens

    Wow, to think I was sitting next to you for dinner at Race of the Sky in Tahoe. Your story rings so true for me and truly struck a cord. I shed many a tears on our local waterway and found my calling. I felt your warmth and sincerity even before personally meeting you. What a blessing to be surrounded by such wonderful people in our SUP Ohana. “Magandang Buhay!” May you continue to be surrounded by love and a beautiful life.

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